honesty at its worst (disolvinggirl) wrote in books4breakfast,
honesty at its worst

Oh the Dead Community.

Let's try a revival? CPR? Whatever.

What's everyone reading?

I'm currently bookless. But I finished Tom Wolfe's I am Charlotte Simmons about a week or so ago. Good book, a bit of a slow start. But absorbing once you get into it. about a hick but genius girl moving from her little poor mountain town to a big fancy university (on scholarship of course). I'll admit I was a bit skeptical if Tom could go from a young woman's perspective, considering you know, he's a man. But he didn't do a poor job of it... until the end. I was disappointed. It seemed like he just got tired of writing and decided to wrap it up and tie up loose ends to whatever other loose end was available. After all the time he spent on character development & plot development for that matter, its sort of a waste for him to just chop it off like that. It's a long book but it's missing something. I think he did an accurate job of being a young woman in the sense that she's very self-conscious & responds to peer pressure & going to this fancy university is the first time she's ever been embaraased about where she's from or her socioeconomic status.

I need a new book. Anyone?
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