honesty at its worst (disolvinggirl) wrote in books4breakfast,
honesty at its worst

Politics by Adam Thirlwell

Another book devoured. Politics by Adam Thirlwell.

Jenny recommended this book to me awhile back and it took me awhile to actually get around to it because I am a lazy bastard (i.e. I was reading other books).

It's a story about relationships. Moshe and Nana are in a relationship together and it explores how they deal with their relationship.

It is a universal novel. Thirwell has an interesting voice throughout the whole thing and speaks to the reader and breaks in with interesting tidbits of history that relate to the story which create a very rich dialogue between the present and the past. This is a book about interactions and love. It's funny and twisted and a bit smutty and a little heartbreaking and mostly happy.

You should read it.
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