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Do you ever find yourself taking novels TOO seriously? I myself KNOW that I do so. Each novel becomes a new facet of my life. Each fiction drama because a righteous mantra in my brain.

And so when I am assigned to read Ishmael Reed's Mumbo Jumbo, it's no wonder that I am going nuts over the philosophy the novel presents. I find myself struggling to ingest the novel in a way that I can cope with its message. Haitian voodoo practices terrify me, and the Osiris and Isis story as well as the Reed depiction of Moses fascinates me. But wait, how does this fit into my own belief system?. Help! I'm choking on this novel...

Does anyone else take literature too personally? Does anyone else read satire like it's the daily news?
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I know what you mean, I felt the same way when I read Rand's The Fountainhead, Copeland's Generation X. Books will be the death of me one day.
I can't believe you mentioned The Fountainhead, I was going to say the same thing about Atlas Shrugged, I practically threw that book against the wall cause it frustrated the hell out of me.
I understand completely. I get so into books, that they're a part of life for me from then on, like it's an actual experience I went through.

Sometimes books flip my world upside down.