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so, i've gotten back into john sanford and the lucas davenport series...then i picked up another jeffery deaver book somewhere out there...also that hoag woman that i am beginning to really like, and thought i wouldn't...oh, and big stephen king is always there to save the day...i found 2 clive barker books for my son since he ran out of stuff to read - i hope he likes them "the damnation game" and
"inhuman condition" a little something called "cutting edge" with horror/suspense/thriller type short stories that always fascinate and repulse me at the same time (i don't know why that is)...
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I'm reading The Cold Six Thousand by James Ellroy (who wrote L.A. Confidential), it's really good.
oooh, i like james ellroy - i think he's good...
how's the book so far?
I'm almost done, it's really great, if you can keep all the characters straight, and the violent/gross situations don't freak you out.

I'm on to The Name of the Rose next.
i'm in the middle of john sandford's "secret prey" and so far i have come to find that this one is by far the funniest of the "prey" books that he's written...then i think i'm going to tackle "wicked" - on which the musical by the same name is based...
I read Wicked, it was really good, it was sort of a political satire. I just finished The City of Masks, which is a ghost story/murder mystery that takes place in New Orleans, quite good.
well, crap - i haven't read "wicked" because i started reading and finished anne rice's "cry to heaven" - which i thought was pretty good...i'm now reading a true crime book - while tackling the biography "michael collins" that i borrowed from a co-worker...